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Electric Underfloor Heating Cable -- 18w/m, double conductor, one cold lead

300w-3000w, Single or dual conductor 

Easy and convenient installation , silicone rubber or teflon insulation, PVC outer jacket, double sheath. etc..

Radiation heating is possible to implement a more economic and pleasant heating environment without smell or smoke.

Cost efficiency compared to other existing heating systems which are powered by oil or gas, etc.

Flame retardant and water-proof outer jacket emits zero electromagnetic fields and is well protected from electricity leakage.

Safety and uniform temperature distribution are guaranteed due to double  shielded with ground for easy installation and programmed thermostats to conveniently and fast control the temperature and avoid malfunctions.

High Durability and No Maintenance. Thanks to the double layer structure, it has high durability and it is not necessary to manage and maintain the system separately.

Environmental friendly product approved by CE, RoHS and PCT certificate.

Applied for dry and wet locations.

Helpful to human& health as it raises the heat from floor and keeps the lower part (legs) warm while the upper part (head) cool.

Technical Data
Power rating 18w/m
Working voltage 110v / 120v / 220v / 230v / 240v
Conductor material Copper Alloy
Cable construction double conductor, one cold lead
Cable diameter ±7.2 mm
Insulation material silicone rubber application for -60~180
sheath Aluminium Foil and Braided Cooper Coil
Jacket PVC applicable for -25~105
Cold lead 2.5m, soft copper with ground
Package color box with installation instruction

Product Model Number


ANLT electric floor heating mats are applicable for indoor house underfloor heating system, especially for bathroom, kitchen, living room. Can be used for residential rooms, commercial buildings such as offices, kindergartons, schools, etc..



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